Thursday, April 15, 2010


Here is Mr.Tadpole, my new creation. I woke up one morning with a tadpole in mind and I don't remember whether I dreamt of it or some other things that brought him to my mind!!! :)

I worked on a sample yesterday afternoon but this 1st piece failed but luckily the 2nd piece looked great. This is the only finished piece I have now and I am in the process of sewing a few more in different colors.

What do you think about this little guy?


  1. I think he is adorable, Gwen; and I like the cute button eye! Seems like a good spring little growth, etc! How big is he?Good luck and much enjoyment with your next is exciting to
    make a new piece..and exciting to see new ones of other artists!

  2. Gwennn I think your tadpole is adorable :D I can't wait to see the others. I think they're super cute :D I especially love the little button eyes :D hehehe.

  3. Ginny, it's 7 inches from head to tail, quite big compare to an actual tadpole :)